Wedding Flowers

Congratulations, you are getting married, hurray!
We love to provide our gorgeous local flowers for summer weddings. Here's a summary of how it works when you choose flowers from Oliver Farm.

Timing is everything
Our season runs from July to Thanks Giving, so if your wedding date does not fall in this period, we will be hard pushed to come up with flowers, Mother Nature just doesn't cooperate.

Choose your service
  • blooms by the stem
  • mason jar arrangements
  • flowers in your own vases
  • simple bouquets and bunches tied with raffia

"The flowers you prepared for our daughter's wedding were amazing! They really made the reception a success. You really weave magic with your creations, thank you so much!"
Ann and Gordon Harris, August 2013

Let's see if Oliver Farm Flowers will suit your dream wedding
 Our most happiest brides share some of these points of view
  • You like flowers that are fresh (picked only a day or so before the wedding) and natural looking, not sprayed with chemicals
  • You feel good about supporting local producers
  • You are not too fussed about specific colours or types of flowers, just lots of beautiful ones to make the day look abundant, colourful and special
  • You, with the help of friends and family are going to whip up some killer bouquets, you just need some great flowers and some satin ribbon
  • You haven't got time to fuss with flowers, your wedding is small and intimate, you just need some simple arrangements in mason jars to look great on the tables and something pretty for all the girls to hold
  • You've got a load of vases and containers, wouldn't it be great if you could just drop them off with someone and pick them up a few days later filled with flowers all arranged nicely for your wedding day?
  • You have already enlisted the help of the best designer in town who has promised fabulous blooms to match your colour scheme, but you also need something wilder to make the look more natural
  • You had a great plan to grow your own flowers, things started out well but you got busy and the flowers didn't get the attention they needed so you need help!

Where to find the flowers?
From July onwards you'll find our flowers weekly on Saturdays outside at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market and sometimes we also visit Tatamagouche Farmer's Market We can't accommodate unscheduled visits to the farm because we are busy growing, harvesting and tending the flowers in the field. 

Check out Facebook and Pinterest
Search for Oliver Farm Botanicals and you'll find photos of flowers past and present.

What flowers do we have and when do they bloom?
We grow over 100 varieties of flowers and herbs, see the flowers page on the site for a rough idea and check out Facebook for recent posts.

Client picking up table arrangements

Does it sound like our flowers can help make your wedding just the way you want it?
Contact us through the contact form or Facebook to discuss next steps.

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